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Christmas package includes 5 nights accommodation: 22, 23, 24, 25 and 26 December.
New Year package includes 5 nights accommodation: 28, 29, 30, 31 December, 01 January.

Located at the exit of Ocna Sugatag, close to ski resort and only 20 kilometers of ski slopes Cavnic, Teleptean Pension *** offers special conditions accommodation, relaxation and spending time in any season. Being in the middle of Maramures, is camp perfect for organizing tours and visits to famous tourist attractions of Maramures.


The resort is located in Ocna Sugatag at an altitude of 490 m, with the natural cure factors:

- Clorurosodice mineral concentrates

- Bioclimat sedative sparing

Therapeutic Indications

- Rheumatic diseases (cervical, dorsal and lumbar osteoarthritis, and psoriasis)

- Rheumatic abarticulare (tendinosis, tendomyositis, tendoperiostosis, post-traumatic disorders)

- Peripheral neurological disorders

- Gynecological

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Complementary treatment from the resort, PLANT Tibuleac Therapeutic Center provides at the office or pension, alternative medicine and phytotherapy treatments, reflexology, massage and special Presopunctura. Specialty of the house - a cream massage Multiple own production, made from 36 plants.




Cavnic, Town in Maramureş County, just 20 km south of Ocna Sugatag. Snow occurs from December to April.



- Icoana - three slope and a slope Inel, low and medium lift and babylift, snowboarding.

- Roata - slopes have a combined length of 6 km: a route for beginners of 1.9 kilometers, 2.3 kilometers of slope with average difficulty, and an advanced track for 2.1 kilometers.

- Tracks start at an altitude of 950m to 1260m with an average incline of 20%.

- Slopes are leveled at European standards.

- Rental equipment.

- Approximately 220 pairs of skis and 10 boards.

- Lessons Ski / Snowboard Pro.

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